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Updated lsb-distribution-test package

I have uploaded an updated lsb-distribution-test (1.1.3) package to:


Changes for this release include:

- Fix vsx1, vsx2 initial home directory creation
- Machine configuration questions now re-asked after package upgrade
- Adds tjreport (and man page) to package
- Cleanup of temporary files left previously left behind by
  test sets which could cause further test failures

LSB.os/ioprim/readv_L/T.readv_L 24 
  - Failure to initialise testfail (Thorsten Kukuk)

LSB.os/ioprim/writev_L/T.write_L 30 
  - Fix path count (Thorsten Kukuk)

LSB.os/mfiles/msync/T.msync 1
  - Fixes problem with temporary files left behind if test fails which
    can cause later testcases to fail.

  - Fixes erroneous test failures (Thorsten Kukuk)

LSB.os/mfiles/mmap_P/T.mmap_P 34 
  - Change to VSRT_ADDR_SPACE_PAGES to work for x86
    (will need arch-indep. changes for other architectures)
    For this test to pass the following kernel patch also needs
    to be applied (accepted into 2.5.5-pre1, not yet in 2.4.x series):

--- mm/mmap.c~	Tue Nov  6 11:12:25 2001
+++ mm/mmap.c	Mon Feb 11 15:49:58 2002
@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@
 	if (flags & MAP_FIXED) {
 		if (addr > TASK_SIZE - len)
-			return -EINVAL;
+			return -ENOMEM;
 		if (addr & ~PAGE_MASK)
 			return -EINVAL;
 		return addr;

There is also an associated new lsb-os package that incorporates some
of the above changes at:


With the exception of the T.pow-8 failures this release should fix all
of the lsb-distributon-test problems that have been reported to me. If
I've missed something please let me know.

IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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