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Re: VSTHLite

Yes the tests are designed for systems conformant to POSIX threads
(ISO POSIX : 1996) . We would not expect  systems pre NGPT to
pass these tests. The motivation in releasing VSTHlite was
so we could measure these sort of differences.

On Nov 26,  1:45pm in "VSTHLite", Rajit Sarkar wrote:
> When running VSTH Lite on a Linux system, the test group:
>  /tset/PTHR.os/procprim/sigwait/T.sigwait
> has to be cancelled (ctrl-c ) to complete execution of the test suite.
> The problem was previously mentioned on this mailing list back in April of
> this year.
> Output from the test suite indicates that 5 of the 8 tests are executing,
> implying that T.sigwait{5} is the specific test that is hanging.
> The problem is apparently in the way that Linux handles threading, as a
> system using NGPT (Next Generation Posix Threading) successfully executed
> all of the T.Sigwait tests.
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