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useradd lsb-compatibility

Hi! I have some trouble with useradd command from shadow-utils package.
It seems,that it not fully lsb-compatible.

I had problems with adding user with the same name as existing group.
I fixed it by removing check from sources.I do not feel that is 100%
PS. I saw that somewhere exists special lsb - patch for shadow-utils.

After that I remade lsb test for lsb.usergroups and got such errors:

        /tset/LSB.usersgroups/commands/misc/T.misc 72   Failed

                Test Information:
        useradd -m -k : add a user with specified home dir. 14-1
        useradd -m -k FAILED: home dir is not created correctly.
        WARNING: un-able to remove an added test user and/or his/her

        /tset/LSB.usersgroups/commands/passwd/T.passwd 1        Failed

                Test Information:
        passwd -g : change the password of the named group 14-1
        Expected specified group's password to change.
        group passwd did not change.


	Where can I find lsb-compatible sources?


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