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Re: Comments on LSB.fhs and LSB.usergroups FIPs and Failures

> > The occurrence of the test again (bin-tc 45) in the section part of the
> > journal output is normal, and is not showing the test being run again.
> > regards
> Are these summary sections or something?  Why do they appear twice?

The vrpt output  is used for formal certification purposes and
has  a set of sections and table of contents (see below).

If there are FIPS in Detailed results by section, then they also
show up in the FIPS Results Signature section.

                                Report Contents

        1. Operational Summary

        2. Conformance Summary

        3. FIP Results Signatures

        4. Detailed Results by Test Section

        5. Test Parameters

I hope this helps.

On the bin-tc.45 , ever since RH7 ping appears to have put out this warning,
not sure what purpose it serves, but the test suite cannot
recognize implementation specifics hence the FIP. As you say it
ought to resolve to PASS for certification. Similarly for
the other FIPS they are where the test suite cannot tell automatically
that an option  is installed.

I'll leave it to the usergroups team to respond to the other question.

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