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Re: Comments on LSB.fhs and LSB.usergroups FIPs and Failures

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 05:48:14PM +0000, Andrew Josey wrote:
> Matt
> It looks as if the vrpt report output has confused you.
> The FIPS are listed first in the vrpt output as they need manual resolution,
> for features that the test suite cannot resolve automatically. In
> most cases these will resolve to PASS for your platform. I had
> put out a note before on why these are now needed for the FHS.

Right, I know what a FIP is - I was giving the resolution of 'passed'

> The occurrence of the test again (bin-tc 45) in the section part of the
> journal output is normal, and is not showing the test being run again.
> regards

Are these summary sections or something?  Why do they appear twice?

As far as the useradd/usermod failures go, perhaps this is because the
tests are being run as a non-root user?



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