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Re: differences between lsb and ltp kernel test suite

My understanding is that they should be complementary.  The LSB test
suites are conformance test suites, and have been developed using a
methodology creating test assertions and then test code based on the
formal portable interface standard specifications (POSIX and the Single
UNIX Specification). Whereas the ltp suites (AFAIK) are operating system
regression test suites built to exercise from the bottom up.  I do not
know whether the ltp suites are assertion based.
In summary there will be some overlap in coverage, but they
should be complementary, the LSB tests concentrate on portable
interface testing, whereas the ltp tests may well delve into
Linux specific internals for the kernel.
The LSB tests have some quite complex signal and mmap tests
and have been known to stress systems somewhat!

On Sep 10,  4:25pm in "differences between ", harsha.jagasia@amd.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope someone can help answer this.
> Do the ltp and LSB kernel test suites validate the same stuff?
> Are they complementary or identical?
> Thanks
> -Harsha

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