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Re: [PROPOSAL]drop LSB.usersgroups/commands/passwd/T.passwd 2

{bits deleted}

On Jul 29, 10:29pm in "[PROPOSAL]drop LSB.u", Johannes Poehlmann wrote:
> group passwords offer near zero extra security and are a
> obsolete concept (if you can add a user to more then one

> There was some discussion about that, and i do not remember
> voices in favour of the group passwd concept.
> I propose to remove the notion of "passwd -g" in the
> (next) spec and drop the test silently.
I would be against dropping the test silently. Some further
actions would be needed before we could get to that stage.

Since the test follows the specification correctly it should initially
remain and this issue  be addressed through the certification processes
and/or by raising a defect report against the specification.
If the owners of the specification state that there are concerns
with the specification in this area and propose a change for
a future revision,  then we could downgrade
the result to a warning, or grant a  waiver for this failure.


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