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Re: VSXgen documentation

Jill Jones writes:
> Does anyone know where I might find the elusive "Intro.man"
> and "VSX Overview" mentioned in test_sets/harness/vsxgen/README?
> I found an Intro.man file in test_sets/vsx-pcts/MAN/tset, but I don't
> think that's the file I'm looking for.  I also found the man pages under
> test_sets/harness/vsxgen/MAN, but am hoping to find something that
> spells out the big picture.  "VSX Overview" sounded like it might be
> just that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think that the Intro.man file that you found is probably the one
that was referenced. FWIW I found posixgde.pdf (in
test_sets/vsx-pcts/DOCS/) useful even though its marked as vsx-pcts


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