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Re: vsx-pcts tests for binary test suite

The alternative is just to leave the tmpfile one as is, and create a list
of tests that can be waivered for LSB certification. This way folks can
be alerted to the differences between Linux and POSIX. Its possible POSIX
might change its behavior. It also becomes part of the documentation
of the known differences to the standard you mention below.

For the pseudo tty tests we did find another parameter setting that
helped many of these to pass.

On May 19, 11:09pm in "Re: vsx-pcts tests f", Stuart Anderson wrote:
> On Tue, 15 May 2001, Chris Yeoh wrote:
> > 	/tset/ANSI.os/streamio/tmpfile/T.tmpfile 2
> >
> > tmpfile() ignores umask for group/other component. This is intentional
> > behaviour of glibc for reasons of security. This test should be
> > removed (or rewritten to expect current behaviour).
> > 	/tset/POSIX.os/devclass/c_lflag/T.c_lflag 6
> > 	/tset/POSIX.os/devclass/tcdrain/T.tcdrain 2
> >
> > These fail only if pseudo ttys are used during testing
> > instead of a loopback serial cable. Propose we remove these tests.
> I'd prefer to leave them in, and just point out that they fail if ptys are
> used. Is it possible to fix the ptys so these pass?
> We need to document everything we decide to accept the Linux behavior over
> the specs behavior.

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