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Re: vsx-pcts tests for binary test suite

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Chris Yeoh wrote:

> 	/tset/ANSI.os/streamio/tmpfile/T.tmpfile 2	
> tmpfile() ignores umask for group/other component. This is intentional
> behaviour of glibc for reasons of security. This test should be
> removed (or rewritten to expect current behaviour).

In the case of a "rewrite". I think we actually create


to contain the modified tests, and then disable the ones in the current
location that we replaced. We don't want to actualy change any exising
test in place.

> 	/tset/POSIX.os/devclass/c_iflag/T.c_iflag 19	
> 	/tset/POSIX.os/devclass/c_lflag/T.c_lflag 6	
> 	/tset/POSIX.os/devclass/tcdrain/T.tcdrain 2	
> These fail only if pseudo ttys are used during testing
> instead of a loopback serial cable. Propose we remove these tests.

I'd prefer to leave them in, and just point out that they fail if ptys are
used. Is it possible to fix the ptys so these pass?

We need to document everything we decide to accept the Linux behavior over
the specs behavior.


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