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Re: VSC511L test suite

hi Andrew

(btw as a comment to all is there anyway the archived lists
have their email addresses scrambled in the present archive?
I've started doing this with the open archives on my web site)

On Jan 18, 12:58pm in "VSC511L test suite", Andrew Pham wrote:
> Hello all,
> My name is Andrew Pham.  I am working with Mr. George Kraft and Mr. Kevin
> Caunt at IBM to run VSC5.1.1L test suite for sh, bash and pdKsh shells
> conformance.  I am running Red Hat Linux 6.2 and have ran one trial with
> VSC5.1.1L.  I used most of the default values during configuration.  I had
> read the VSC User and Installation Guide but I still have the following
> questions :
>      1)Can VSC5.1.1L be setup  to test  "only" a particular shell? If so
> how?

There is a configuration variable that can be set to use
a particular shell other than the default sh -- TET_EXEC_TOOL
in the tetexec.cfg file.

Also when you install you can choose which compatible shell
bindings to use -- xpg3sh or posix sh -- useful if your system's
default shell is not up to posix yet.
Once you have the harness installed you can then build
and execute just the POSIX.shell section and the POSIX.cmd/sh testset

>      2)Is there a  __.cfg file I can use to configure VSC that comes with
> the VSC5.1.1L. or do I have to provide all the information for my system?
Its generic and not tuned to any particular POSIX operating system.
The main part of the work we are doing on the lsb test efforts, is
to parameterize these POSIX tests and to make them auto install
them for Linux.


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