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VSC511L test suite

Hello all,

My name is Andrew Pham.  I am working with Mr. George Kraft and Mr. Kevin
Caunt at IBM to run VSC5.1.1L test suite for sh, bash and pdKsh shells
conformance.  I am running Red Hat Linux 6.2 and have ran one trial with
VSC5.1.1L.  I used most of the default values during configuration.  I had
read the VSC User and Installation Guide but I still have the following
questions :

     1)Can VSC5.1.1L be setup  to test  "only" a particular shell? If so
     2)Is there a  __.cfg file I can use to configure VSC that comes with
the VSC5.1.1L. or do I have to provide all the information for my system?

I would be greatly appreciative if someone can help me with the above

Andrew Pham

Andrew H. Pham
IBM Linux Technology Center
Voice:   (512)838-9473    T/L 678-9473

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