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PROPOSAL to change Reference 3.4-15(A) of the FHS tests:

>Andrew> Reference 3.4-15(A)
>Andrew>     The implementation provides the file /etc/mtools 
>    Should this be mtools.conf ? 

Proposal to change Reference 3.4-15(A) of the FHS tests:

If this clause of the implicit test specification is meant 
to stay, (*i do not think so*) it should been reworded 
(and recoded ;-) to:

   If the mtools package is installed, 
   is present as its configuration file.


The actual FHS requires /etc/mtools[.conf] to be present. 
As Linux Standard Base includes the FHS, this 
means to require the mtools package as mandatory
or (even worse) to require to drop bogus config files.

The latter is not acceptable. 

Or do we want to require a LSB compliant SYSTEM 
to have mtools installed ?

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