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VSX-PCTS 4.4.4 now available

(apologies to those on lsb-spec if this is not of interest).

An updated version of the VSX-PCTS test suite for POSIX.1
is now available from http://www.opengroup.org/testing/downloads.html .
This release is a general maintenance release and features bug fixes
for reported bugs up to November 1999.

This version also includes a complete restructuring of the test suite into
a kit of three files. This separates the testset from the test framework,
allowing the framework to be reused elsewhere to support other testsets
(such as the LSB-FHS testset) and also allowing multiple testsets to be
merged together (for example the LSB-FHS 1.01alpha testset can now be merged
with the VSX-PCTS testset) to form a meta test suite.

best regards

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