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lsb-fhs 1.01alpha development release


I've put the first cut of a new development release of the
LSB-FHS test suite together (1.01alpha).  The  initial changes in this
new development are to address restructuring of the test suite
so that the testsets are independent of the test framework. This allows
this testset to be merged with other testsets that use the common
VSXgen framework.  What this means at the moment is that the
LSB-FHS testset must be merged with the VSX-PCTS testsuite to
form a meta suite into which additional testsets can be merged.
(i.e. this testset will not function on its own).

Further work to be done on this release involves some restructuring
of the VSX-PCTS suite to abstract out just the testsets from
the framework (which will allow the LSB-FHS testset to run
just with the VSXgen framework independent of the POSIX tests) , updated
documentation for the restructuring , and the addition of some quick
start tools for easier installation on Linux systems. Also
at some point the LSB-FHS testsets themselves will need updating
to match the FHS 2.1 spec when finalized.

For those who wish to try out the first cut its now
available from ftp://ftp.xopen.org/pub/lsb/test/
Please read in the file called "INSTALL" in the release
for notes on the revised installation procedure .


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