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Re: pending LSB action items

Julie <jockgrrl@ix.netcom.com> writes:

>> - a user/group specification (standard shadow password suite
>> commands, maybe include reserved names)

> Thanks for the reminder!  I recently switched both mailers and ISPs
> and had lost track of who exactly wanted me to do what with Shadow.

Julie, you might want to coordinate with Cristian Gafton
<gafton@redhat.com> to make sure there's no overlap between the two of
you.  I thought you had disappeared, so Cristian is working on some of
this now too.

> Is there a site where I can get a basic template for how y'all want
> specs to look?  I've got a one week vacation coming up and should
> have plenty of time in the evenings to work on the spec after very
> long and difficult days lying on the beach drinking rum and Coke and
> smoking Cuban cigars ;-)


Until we get anonymous CVS set up, it's probably just as well to
imitate the Open Group HTML "manual page" format for command
specifications.  Here's an example:


If you work from the real System V manual page and the Linux shadow
password utilities suite manual page, it should be very easy.

We'll need to do something similar for all of the commands required by
the LSB.  The preliminary listing of these commands is at:



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