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pending LSB action items

Sorry for the multi-list post.

I was reviewing some action items that are either in progress or have
dropped to the wayside.  Please speak up if you are still working on
any of these items, or if you are interested in helping complete one
or more of them.  Thanks.

 - integrate Open Group's POSIX test suite into the LSB CVS tree
   and prep it for use by the LSB
 - develop framework and initial source packages for LSB sample
 - add a "required by LSB" column to http://www.linuxbase.org/cu/
   including a rationale for the selections
 - a user/group specification (standard shadow password suite
   commands, maybe include reserved names)
 - integrated rc and init file specification

And a new one:

 - initial test suites (ones that can be started now)
    1. LSB locking library test suite
    2. there must be a few others...


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