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Snapshot of LSB-FHS test suite now available

hi All,
The first snapshot release of this LSB-FHS test suite, which
tests the filesystem hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base
is now available, and can be downloaded from

At this time we have the test framework complete, and approximately 95%
of the initial set of tests based on the December 11 test specification  have
been completed. Further tests for the Device aspects are in progress of
being coded.

It is anticipated that an update release will follow within the next
two weeks with final completion targeted for early march.

If you have any comments or bug reports please let me know. I will
circulate the feedback to the test specification comments in the next
few days.

best regards

Andrew Josey                                The Open Group
Senior Test Development Manager             Apex Plaza,Forbury Road,
Email: a.josey@opengroup.org                Reading,Berks.RG1 1AX,England
Tel:   +44 118 9508311 ext 2250             Fax: +44 118 9500110

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