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Re: shells present on an LSB system

Andrew Josey <ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org> writes:

> Not sure if you made a typo there, but Solaris places their XPG4
> (aka POSIX.2 / aka UNIX 95 / aka UNIX 98) shell in /usr/xpg4.

You provided the information I was seeking anyway.

If we decide that /bin/sh is an XPG3 shell, then we need to decide
where the POSIX confirming shell will be placed.  The options include:

  /bin/posixsh (or another name, would be ugly if used for more programs)
  /usr/xpg4/bin/sh (Solaris)

Or both the first option and one of the following options.

Using /opt would imply that the POSIX execution environment is an
add-on package, which would probably be a bad idea in the long run.

- Dan

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