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On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Johnie Ingram wrote:

> Dale> The POSIX standard is around $400 if memory serves. The FIPS
> Dale> standard is near $100 by itself.
> And Unix98 looks $300ish, but seems to be better in that it covers
> more, and that the payoff for passing is actually being called
> UNIX(tm).  ;-)   Pity about the non-freeness though (you shoud've seen
> Overfiend when they pull the X stunt -- it was a riot).

Personally I would rather focus on POSIX, and ignore Unix98 and TOG.

> Dale> Hmm. I guess I realy need to read the FIPS 151-2 docs. I thought
> Dale> this was a libraries and interface definitions standard?
> Yup, including termios.  Which means any test suite worth the name
> needs to put the ports through their paces, to prove the
> implementation matches the interface.  I thought I'd bookmarked a nice
> URL which explained the difference between simple, comprehensive, and
> exhaustive testing, but apparently I've misplaced it.
I suspect that we will impliment each of these test sections one at a
time. I want to get the library test routines working first, then add the
additional tests.

The fact that this package wants a particular user (and uid different than
gid) that adds more compexity than I want in the library tests. If they
can be separated I would be much happier.

> Oh well, my mouse is ps/2 anyway.  ;-)

Which relates to ports testing?


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