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Dale> The POSIX standard is around $400 if memory serves. The FIPS
Dale> standard is near $100 by itself.

And Unix98 looks $300ish, but seems to be better in that it covers
more, and that the payoff for passing is actually being called
UNIX(tm).  ;-)   Pity about the non-freeness though (you shoud've seen
Overfiend when they pull the X stunt -- it was a riot).

Dale> Hmm. I guess I realy need to read the FIPS 151-2 docs. I thought
Dale> this was a libraries and interface definitions standard?

Yup, including termios.  Which means any test suite worth the name
needs to put the ports through their paces, to prove the
implementation matches the interface.  I thought I'd bookmarked a nice
URL which explained the difference between simple, comprehensive, and
exhaustive testing, but apparently I've misplaced it.

Oh well, my mouse is ps/2 anyway.  ;-)

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