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RE: LSB application to systems vs. packages

> On May 07, Grant Bowman wrote:
> > There's a discussion going on right now over on the
> > debian-policy@lists.debian.org mail list.  I am looking for 
> validation
> > in the specification itself that the LSB applies to systems 
> as a whole
> > and not to only *.lsb packages.  This seems like a crazy 
> premise to me,
> > but I'm having trouble finding justifications in the 
> specification to
> > clearly demonstrate otherwise.  Any suggestions?
> Just to be clear, the debate is over whether distribution-provided
> init scripts must comply with the Init Scripts section of the
> specification.  


The spec describes a portable way in which an application's 
init script can describe the ways in which it might depend 
on other scripts. The portability comes from the commenting
convention which gives information to the distro-specific 
"install_initd", which then figures out what to do with it. 
It makes no effort to dictate anything to the distro about 
how its' own init scripts are set up. 

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