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Re: C++ ...

Matt Wilson wrote:

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 06:45:23PM +0200, Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando wrote:

Matt Wilson wrote:
If you're talking about including KDE in the LSB, yes - this lack of
C++ ABI stability will block any C++ library from being included in
the LSB.

Matt ... Do you have any example about this ?

May this lacks be solved? ... Or is a theorical C++ problem without solutions ?

The solution to the C++ problem is for vendors to adopt
soon-to-be-released GCC 3.1 as their system compiler.  The LSB will be
adopting "The V3 multi-vendor standard C++ ABI" that GCC 3.1

Even once the C++ ABI is included, KDE still has a major blocking
issue in the Qt QPL license.
I understand.

The LSB is designed to provide a
platform for software developers to use without restriction or
licensing fees for any use whatsoever.  Unfortunately the QPL does not
provide that facility to LSB Applications.

Or ... Are someone speaking with them about this matter ?

It is VERY important to note that this does not exclude Qt or KDE
applications from becoming LSB Compliant Applications.  Software
vendors that develop proprietary applications that use Qt can still
enter into a licensing agreement with Troll Tech and bundle the
required libraries and files with their application.


I will follow with 'high' interest this matter ... is fundamental from my point of view.

For me, in the same sense Motif become the standard library when the OpenGroup was formed, excluding Sun's Openlook,
and then adopted by the UNIX "vendors": IBM, Sun, HP, Digital and others ...

... In this sense would ... in some mode adopted one and excluded other libraries ... or created a new standard.

I simply see a re-standardization, the same standardization that happens when OSF merges with X/Open.

However, still more interesting is that the OpenGroup is there and OpenMotif is now also free.

Therefore, probably a third standardization will be possible ... in the future ... I don't know in what terms,
but I will be happy to participate.





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