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Please provide an explanation of the LSB

I found a link to <http://www.linuxbase.org/spec> and ended up
spending the better part of fifteen minutes trying to figure out what
exactly it was that I was looking at. Do you think you could include
an abstract or a pointer to more information for people who access
your site through this link? It seems to be referred to from quite a
number of sites.

Proposed wording:

  What is the LSB?

  The Linux Standard Base (LSB) is an effort to
| develop and promote a set of standards that will   (this part lifted
| increase compatibility among Linux distributions    from the mission
| and enable software applications to run on any      statement on the
| compliant Linux system.                             cover page)

  For more information, see the
< mission statement >                   (link to cover page's mission stmt)
  on our home page,
  or the
< detailed list of goals. >             (link to goals page)

  the actual standard itself
  contains a fair amount of
  background information
  as well.

I would put this near the top of the /spec/ page, and additionally
change the subtitle "About the Specification" near the end of the
/spec/ page to something more representative for that section, such as
"Obtaining the Source".

Hope this helps,

/* era */

(Sorry if I'm writing to the wrong place, I couldn't find any other
feedback address for comments pertaining to the web site.)

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