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LSB 1.1 Review

Happy Holidays!!

Release 1.1 of the LSB is now ready for your review. This time, both the
common specification, and the IA32 specific specifications are ready. You
can find these at http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/. Please use the links
for reviewing these document so that you may easily record your comments.

Note: The IA64 specific specification is coming along nicely, and hopefully
will be ready for a formal review in just a couple more weeks.

This review period run from today through Friday, Jan 4, 2002.

Due to this being a holiday period, this period may possibly be extended, but
there are other deadlines that would make it difficult to extend the review
period for more than a couple of extra days. In the event that you don't get
an opportunity to make comments during this period, please remember that your
comments are always welcome, at any time.

Here is a summary of the changes in release 1.1.

                      Linux Standard Base v1.1 Changes

                      Changes from LSB 1.0 to LSB 1.1

   Significant editorial cleanup for both style and consistancy.

   Added the following new curses interfaces: COLS, LINES

   Added the following new reentrant interfaces: asctime_r,
   gethostbyname_r, getpwuid_r, getutent_r, gmtime_r, localtime_r,
   rand_r, random_r.

   Added the following new RPC interfaces: authnone_create, clnt_create,
   clnt_pcreateerror, clnt_perrno, clnt_perror, clnt_spcreateerror,
   clnt_sperrno, clnt_sperror, key_decryptsession, svc_getreqset,
   svcerr_auth, svcerr_decode, svcerr_noproc, svcerr_noprog,
   svcerr_progvers, svcerr_systemerr, svcerr_weakauth,
   xdr_accepted_reply, xdr_array, xdr_bool, xdr_bytes, xdr_callhdr,
   xdr_callmsg, xdr_char, xdr_double, xdr_enum, xdr_float, xdr_free,
   xdr_int, xdr_long, xdr_opaque, xdr_opaque_auth, xdr_pointer,
   xdr_reference, xdr_rejected_reply, xdr_replymsg, xdr_short,
   xdr_string, xdr_u_char, xdr_u_long, xdr_u_short, xdr_union,
   xdr_vector, xdr_void, xdr_wrapstring, xdrmem_create, xdrrec_create,

   Added the following new interfaces: timer_create, timer_delete,
   timer_getoverrun, timer_gettime, timer_settime.

   Added the following new pthreads interfaces:
   pthread_mutexattr_getpshared, pthread_mutexattr_setpshared.

   The following were replaced with threaded equivilents: errno, h_errno.

   Remove the following interface due to lack of specifications:
   XESetBeforeFlush, XESetCloseDisplay, XESetCopyGC, XESetCreateFont,
   XESetCreateGC, XESetError, XESetErrorString, XESetEventToWire,
   XESetFreeFont, XESetFreeGC, XESetPrintErrorValues, XESetWireToError,
   XESetWireToEvent, XkbApplyVirtualModChanges, XkbChangeKeycodeRange,
   XkbGetKeyVirtualModMap, XkbTranslateKey, XkbUpdateActionVirtualMods,
   XkbUpdateKeyTypeVirtualMods, XkbXlibControlsImplemented.

   The following interfaces have been deprecated: _IO_2_1_stderr_,
   _IO_2_1_stdin_, _IO_2_1_stdout_, __bzero , __mbrlen, __secure_getenv ,
   __sigpause, __wcstod_internal, __wcstof_internal, __wcstol_internal,
   __wcstold_internal __wcstoll_internal, __wcstoul_internal,

   The FHS chapter was replaced by a more extensive Execution Environment
   chapter. In addition to the previous FHS content, /proc/cpuinfo and a
   few devices are defined.

   The Data Definitions are more thorough and more accurate.

   Removed appendix B, which was non-normative.


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