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Re: Example LSB packages...

Anthony Towns writes:
> which seems like it could be intended to be an example LSB compliant
> package, but I figured it couldn't possibly be because it was a ".rpm"
> instead of a ".lsb". Then I looked through the spec, and could only find
> something saying that LSB packages should begin with "lsb-" and nothing
> that said they should end with ".lsb".

The rsync rpm is intended to be an example of an LSB compliant
package/application (I also did byacc first as it was simpler, not
sure where that has disappeared to). Yes I agree, checking with the
spec they should be prefixed with lsb- - an error on my part.

The rpm was compiled using lsbdev (though an earlier version than the
current release) and linked against the stub libraries. It wasn't
compiled against the LSB produced header files, though it does pass

Its probably not too late to add a requirement for the 1.1 update that
LSB packages be suffixed with .lsb - comments anyone?

> probably should be lsb-rsync, no matter what else. If it _is_ an example
> (Heaven's and Chris be praised! :) any chance of another simple example
> that includes a daemon (lsb-boa perhaps)? That'd probably let people
> (finally) get around to actually implementing it on non-RPM systems in
> a reliable manner.)

Hey, rsync can run as a daemon too :-) There are some other people
working on producing example LSB compliant packages so you should see
some more examples coming out in the next few weeks.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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