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Example LSB packages...

Hi Guys,

Are there any example LSB packages around yet?

Poking around on the linuxbase website, I came across:


which seems like it could be intended to be an example LSB compliant
package, but I figured it couldn't possibly be because it was a ".rpm"
instead of a ".lsb". Then I looked through the spec, and could only find
something saying that LSB packages should begin with "lsb-" and nothing
that said they should end with ".lsb".

What's up with that? Surely the LSB isn't creating yet another sort of
".rpm" to confuse everyone?

(And if the rsync rpm is meant to be an example of lsbdev, then it
probably should be lsb-rsync, no matter what else. If it _is_ an example
(Heaven's and Chris be praised! :) any chance of another simple example
that includes a daemon (lsb-boa perhaps)? That'd probably let people
(finally) get around to actually implementing it on non-RPM systems in
a reliable manner.)


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