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Re: Task 35905: LSB Application Battery

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 03:44:03PM -0500, George Kraft IV wrote:
> The LSB has an unassigned task (35905) were we want to create a list of
> potential LSB compliant applications to run on an LSB compliant system.  This
> will give a Linux distribution some integration testing with real applications.
> We need someone to take the lead to create a list of applications.  Please
> contact me if you have an interest and some work cycles to spare.

There are actually several applications for which me may also end up
needing a volunteer to 'maintain' packages for.

For instance, we can _easily_ have LSB-compliant packages for Apache,
Mozilla, Samba, Squid, etc if we make them ourselves. In fact, for
at least a couple of these, we'll end up needing someone to maintain
an lsb package in the long term anyway. (They will probably be included
in most distributions, but they don't all maintain binary releases
themselves but are generally happy to have someone maintain 'official'
ones for them.)

This task may get a lot easier (but a little more time consuming) if
we automatically add some key free software projects with the intention
of doing the packaging ourselves.

I can certainly help with the list of packages in free software-land
that span a variety of the areas of the lsb. I can also contact all
of these projects to see if there is interest in having them maintain
lsb packages. For those that won't do it themselves, but are willing
to let someone else do it, I can work on it a little, but my RPM-foo
is admittedly bad. (I've been a Debian user for a long time now.)


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