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Re: [PROPOSAL]drop LSB.usersgroups/commands/passwd/T.passwd 2

On Tue, Jul 31, Christopher Yeoh wrote:

> John H Terpstra writes:
> > 
> > Group passwords are in the current specification. If by democratic means
> > we reach a decision that this should not be supported then we must follow
> > due process and procedure to render this feature obsolete. A standard that
> > lacks due process will not gain popular assent.
> > 
> I agree we need a well documented process for making changes like
> this, especially since its removing a feature. Is there a suitable
> procedure we can borrow from another standards group?

What is the current status with this ? I ask because I run the
LSB-Usersgroups test some minutes ago and found that the T.passwd 2
and T.passwd 3 tests are broken. For me the test don't do what they
should do, so both always fails.


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