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Re: [LSB-xml-sgml] Re: Patch: Convert SGML/XML appendix to just SGML

Dan Scott <kinetix@sympatico.ca> writes:

> Karl, for the sake of allowing the SGML specification go forth as part
> of LSB 1.0 can you agree that we should drop all references to XML in
> the spec?

No, of course not.  XML is SGML -- this was what we discussed all the
time.  But for the sake of "progress" I don't mind to see my name and
email address withdrawn from the specification as written.

Even if you don't mention the xhtml DTD it's a piece of SGML code; thus
it will belong under /usr/share/sgml -- just have a look how
/usr/share/texmf is filled: all kind of TeX implementations are living
there in harmony.

> Otherwise, we will end up sacrificing the SGML appendix entirely,
> which would be a great shame.

No -- this would change an iota.  Mainly because the super catalog issue
is still vague and valid improvement proposals were widely ignored.  It
just doesn't matter whether we change the appendix or leave it as is.

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