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Re: PROPOSAL: lsb lib and lsb loader location

Correct me if I'm wrong; however, to be more inline with the FHS v2.2 I
would have thought:

runtime  libraries  ->      /liblsb/  # no slash between lib and lsb
Stub       libraries    ->      /opt/lsb/lib/      # not required for
runtime systems,
# but needed for link testing of LSB compliant applications

PS: sorry for the delayed response.  I'm reading email while enroute to

Johannes, since I'm out of the office and my responses are delayed.  Please
feel free to take the lead on this and correct the spec and sample
implementation to match with your conclusion.

George Kraft IV
IBM Linux Technology Center
FSG's Linux Standard Base

Johannes Poehlmann <jhp@caldera.de> on 05/30/2001 10:54:13 AM

Please respond to Johannes Poehlmann <jhp@caldera.de>

To:   George Kraft/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
cc:   lsb-spec@lists.linuxbase.org
Subject:  PROPOSAL: lsb lib and lsb loader location

There has been confusion on the place where lsb libs should be stored
and there are contradiction between lsbdev, sample implementation and spec.

1. lsb libs location.

/usr/lsb has been objected as violation FHS (Which it does)

I discussed the topic with Stuart and we agreed, that stub libraries
and lsb runtime libraries should be in different locations.

So my proposal is:

runtime  libraries    ->      /lib/lsb
Stub       libraries    ->      /usr/lib/lsb-stub.

I decided against /lib-lsb and /usr/lib-lsbstub beacuse of esthetics.

Runtime libs can not live in /usr, because they could be needed
before /usr is mounted at system startup.

2. loader location:

 Putting the loader in a different directory then the dir where glibc
 puts its library files is only possible by moving the loader by hand.
 glibc experts told me.
 So the loader should be /lib/lsb/ld-linux.

3. This changes must become part of
 o The spec
 o libcheck (search /lib-lsb)
 o The lsb loader /lib/lsb/ld-linux
 o Ralf Flaxas  xdevel package
 o Ralfs Flaxas minimal runtime.

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