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Re: X Toolkit

Circa 2001-Mar-19 10:18:10 -0800 dixit Daniel Quinlan:

: Stuart Anderson writes:
: > I would like to propose that we drop the X Toolkit from LSB 1.0. Doing so
: > doesn't prevent someone from linking it statically, which they already have
: > to do with the widget set (ie Xaw or Motif). In my tests of building the
: > X window System in a lsb environment, it uncovered several additional data
: > structures & variables that we would have to add and document. Also, we
: > don't yet have tests available for this library, although that may be
: > changing in the near future.
: > 
: > Also, the popular GUIs today are built on QT and GTK, instead of Xt.
: It would help to know how many commercial applications use Xt.

The XESS spreadsheet (http://www.ais.com/) uses Xt.

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