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X Toolkit

I would like to propose that we drop the X Toolkit from LSB 1.0. Doing so
doesn't prevent someone from linking it statically, which they already have
to do with the widget set (ie Xaw or Motif). In my tests of building the
X window System in a lsb environment, it uncovered several additional data
structures & variables that we would have to add and document. Also, we
don't yet have tests available for this library, although that may be
changing in the near future.

Also, the popular GUIs today are built on QT and GTK, instead of Xt.

As we have said in other cases, it'll be easier to add later than to
remove later.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

Should we extend this to ICE & SM as well? Are they utilized by QT or GTK?


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