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Re: [Fwd: lpr subset standard wanted]

CUPS (www.cups.org)

The command line commands (lpr, lpq, lprm, lpc, lp, cancel, ...) are
made as compatible as possible to both the System V and the BSD version
of LPD. The programs have also exactly the same names as the LPD
commands, so that one does not need to change the defaults of the
applications when one switches from LPD to CUPS. See the manual pages of
the commands (attached, use "bunzip2 <file>; man ./<file>" to read
them). See also


Note that some options (as e-mail notification in the end of the job)
are not implemented.

XPP (http://cups.sourceforge.net/xpp/) understands most of the lpr and
some of the lp options. About QtCUPS
(http://cups.sourceforge.net/qtcups/) I do not know.

Especially all programs ("lpr", "lp", "xpp", and "qtcups") accept
printing jobs both as file name supplied on the command line or as
standard input.

CUPS is also compatible to LPD servers when one runs the CUPS-LPD
mini-daemon. See


It accesses to LPD servers, too:


CUPS can also generate an "/etc/printcap" file containing the names of
all printer queues, so that applications can set up a printer list, also
when they are made only for LPD.

But CUPS allows to set printing options in a very sophisticated way, so
I would not recommend, that programs have a hard-coded call of "lpr" (as
KDE 2) or even direct talking to a running LPD daemon (as LyX). I would
alway give the possibility for the user to enter a printing command line
and save it, so that that one can use every printing program including
graphical frontends (as XPP or QtCUPS). Best would be some spooler
independent way for the printing facility in the applications.


Gael Duval wrote:
> If you have time and feel like to answer about Cups, if think it would
> be great!
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: lpr subset standard wanted
> From: Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@transmeta.com>
> To: freestandards-ldps@lists.sourceforge.net, lsb-spec@lists.linuxbase.org
> If possible, I would like to document the subset of lpr functionality
> that can be safely used by applications into the LDPS 1.1 portability
> guidelines and perhaps the LSB specification as well.
> Could someone investigate:
>   - CUPS
>   - BSD lpr
>   - GNU lpr
>   - lprng
> and find out which options/features are supported by all of them
> (and then, which options/features have the same behavior).
> If you're interested in this task, please let me know.
> A draft would need to be completed in one week if this is to make the
> LDPS 1.1 beta.  (The current target for LDPS 1.1 beta is January 25th.)
> - Dan

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