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LSB test news

For your information, we've been busy but keeping it
fairly quiet. Here's a roundup of recent developments...

* First Milestones Reached for LSB Test Development

The first milestone for LSB test development is now complete.  This has
been in setting up the test framework for integrating tests into. The
framework adopted is the Test Environment Toolkit, with the VSXgen
(generic VSX test framework) layered on top of that. As proof of concept
the first testsets, the LSB-VSX and LSB-FHS testsets have been integrated
into the framework

Chris Yeoh from Linuxcare has been our key man for integration.

For more information on key milestones and proposed future developments
see http://www.linuxbase.org/test

* Test Results online for Phase I test suites

Initial test results from running the Phase I  tests are now
available online at http://www.linuxbase.org/test/results

This is work in progress and some caution should be used in interpreting
the results, as both the test suites and some underlying specifications
are in a state of flux.

* Additional Test Suites made available

Additional test suites from The Open Group have been made available
and are being integrated into the Linux Standard Base test efforts

These include the VSTH lite test suite - for part of the pthreads
specification (POSIX Threads),

see http://www.opengroup.org/testing/downloads/vsthlite.html

and VSC lite for Commands and Utilities.

VSC 5.1.1L is a lite version of the full VSC test suite, that is a subset of
the full version. It provides test coverage for 77 commands and utilities
from the POSIX.2-1992 specification. It is a self contained test package and
comes complete with its own version of the Test Environment Toolkit, and
distributions of the tcl and expect utilities that are used by the test
framework. This release is distributed as a complete release.

See http://www.opengroup.org/testing/downloads/vsclite.html

* Further Linux Test Suite Development

As part of the Phase II developments, efforts are underway to develop a
further testset , the LSB-OS test suite, providing further test coverage
for the Linux Standard Base.

The LSB.OS test set includes test coverage for the following interfaces:

1. X/Open UNIX 98 Extensions to fork, exec, kill
2.  Directory routines/files: dev_null,dev_tty,seekdir,telldir
3. Process environment interfaces: chroot, cuserid, nice, putenv, ulimit
4. SVID IPC : msgctl, msgget, msgrcv, msgsnd,semctl, semget, semop,
shmat, shmctl, shmdt, shmget, ftok
5. Stream related interfaces: fgetpos, fsetpos
6. Time related interfaces: clock difftime strptime
7. Multibyte: mblen mbstowcs mbtowc memmove wcstombs wctomb
8. POSIX.2 c-language binding: fnmatch glob wordexp getopt system popen pclose
9.Dynamic linking tests: dlopen, dlclose, dlerror
10. Asynchronous I/O: aio_cancel, aio_error, aio_fsync, aio_read,
aio_return aio_suspend, aio_write, lio_listio
11. Memory mapped files: mmap, msync, munmap, mprotect
12. Vectored i/o : readv, writev
13. UNIX98 pseudottys: ptsname, granpt
14. File tree walking: nftw, ftw
15. Logging functions: syslog,closelog,openlog
16.Context functions: makecontext, setcontext

We are also seeking further parties to fund or develop additional
workpackages for supporting the Linux Standard Base testing
efforts. For more information please contact Andrew Josey or see

* CVS Access

Note, that we have recently changed our CVS repository and are now
maintaining our tests under the test_sets subtree at Sourceforge

See http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/test_sets/?cvsroot=lsb

To find out how to access the CVS repository, see


To browse the repository see

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