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Personally I think in my opionion, I don't like RPM files ...
I perferr Debian & Slackware-like upgrades, *.tgz, etc.
I think they are more controllable as far as extracting them to somewhere other than / first.
Plus, I somewhat like (and dislike) the way Solaris does its upgrade packaging...  the base Solaris installation is basically the
OS and X/Openwin;
but then again, Solaris' installation pretty much is a POS =)

I think there should be a base Linux standard install, plus different add-on packages on one CD; with things like the
compiler/programming utils, X/apps, GNOME/etc, networking/etc; plus where they are easy to add...

I think standards is a good idea... I hate to deal with a zillion different Linux initd configurations of all things. (*cough*
I'm suprised Slackware didn't join in on this yet; they'd be a good contribution... I like how straight forward and simple how
thier distro works.
I think that should be a big goal.

Just 2 cents.
-- Xirphoid

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