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Announcing VSTHlite 1.0


I have today, made available a new test suite which may
be of interest. This is called VSTHlite - a test suite
for a subset of the POSIX96 pthreads standard. This is
based on a  cut-down version of the Open Group's full Threads verification
suite (VSTH), featuring about 700 tests as compared to
1500 in the full version. Its under the Artistic license
as per the other test tools and frameworks we have made
freely available.

This is available in the downloads area
on the web at

I attach the release notes below

The Open Group
VSTHlite Release 1.0
Release Notes

This document provides Release notes for The Open Group's Verification
suite for Threads, lite version.

1. Release Overview

VSTHlite 1.0  is a lite version of The Open Group's Threads verification
suite VSTH.  VSTHlite is a test package for use with VSXgen (the generic
VSX test framework), and contains 700 tests for a subset of the POSIX96
threads interfaces and headers. It can be used standalone or together
with other test packages under the VSXgen framework.  This release is
distributed as a complete release.

2. Release Contents

The release consists of the following files.

vsthlite-1.0.tar.gz          The source code to the suite in gzip'd tar format

vsth-guide.pdf               The VSTH Users Guide

vsthlite-relnote.pdf         These release notes

2.1 Test Coverage

Test are provided for the following system headers:

* dirent.h, limits.h, pthread.h, sched.h, signal.h, stdio.h, stdlib.h,
  string.h, time.h, sys/types.h, unistd.h

Tests are included for the following system interfaces:

* asctime_r, ctime_r, flockfile, ftrylockfile, funlockfile, getc_unlocked,
  getchar_unlocked, gmtime_r, localtime_r, putc_unlocked, putchar_unlocked,
  rand_r, setlocale, strtok_r

* readdir_r

* getlogin_r, sysconf, ttyname_r

* pthread_atfork, pthread_kill, pthread_sigmask, sigwait

* getgrgid_r, getgrnam_r, getpwnam_r, getpwuid_r

* pthread_create, pthread_detach, pthread_equal, pthread_exit, pthread_join,
  pthread_once, pthread_self,

* pthread_attr_destroy, pthread_attr_getdetachstate, pthread_attr_getstackaddr,
  pthread_attr_getstacksize, pthread_attr_init, pthread_attr_setdetachstate ,
  pthread_attr_setstackaddr, pthread_attr_setstacksize

Note that the full VSTH test suite provides further test coverage with a
total of over 1500 tests. For information on licensing the full version
of the test suite please see


3. Obtaining VSXgen

If you do not already have a copy of VSXgen, you need to obtain it in
order to run VSTHlite tests.  It should be available from the same place
that you obtained this VSTHlite release.

4.  Obtaining TET or TETware

VSTHlite runs under TET3. A suitable version of TET3 (the unsupported
release of TETware) can be obtained at:


Note that TET version 3.3d or later is required to be used with this
release.  The full release of TETware is only available to TETware
support licensees and is available directly from The Open Group.
TET3 and TETware must be configured  to build  as  the Lite version .
Do not use the Distributed version. Be sure to build TET with support
for POSIX threads.  For more information on TET and/or TETware, see:


5. Documentation
VSTHlite includes the full VSTH 5.2.1 User's Guide which provides
comprehensive information on the installation, configuration and use
of VSTH. Please consult this guide for assistance with VSTHlite use,
please note that certain sections of that manual are not applicable to
this release since VSTHlite is a subset of the full VSTH test suite.

6. Support
Support related questions and problem reports should be directed to the
VSTH support team identified in Appendix D of the VSTH User's Guide.

7. Size

The size of VSTHlite when the  suite is built is approximately 50MB.
The size of the compressed distribution is roughly 1 MB. When running the
complete test suite, journal files will be produced that are typically
1MB in length, so its recommended that at least 80MB of disk space be
allowed for a test campaign.

8. Time
The test suite takes between 1 and 3 hours to run depending on the speed
of the platform under test

Copyright (c)   1999, 2000 The Open Group
All rights reserved.

Motif, OSF/1, X/Open, The "X Device" and UNIX are registered trademarks,
and the IT Dialtone, The Open Group and the X Window System are trademarks
of The Open Group.

POSIX is a registered trademark of the IEEE.

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