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Re: Clarification in LSB Spec chapter 17 (cron)[repost with patch]

Circa 2000-Aug-08 16:29:26 +0200 dixit Johannes Poehlmann:

:  If a certain job has to be executed more frequently than `daily,' the
:    !! hourly is more often then daily  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
:  package shall install a file /etc/cron.d/<package-name> tagged as
:  configuration file. 
:  -------- snip---------------------------------
:  I think it should be "more frequently than `hourly'

Actually, if it should be executed every 3 hours, or every 10 days, it
should also go in /etc/cron.d/.  The language should probably be:

  If a certain job must be executed with a frequency besides hourly,
  daily, weekly, or monthly, or has other special requirements, the
  package shall install [etc...].

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