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Re: PROPOSAL: command line for LSB package program

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 09:21:49PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Guilherme Manika wrote:
> >   I hope you are thinking:
> > 
> > _("name"):<package name>
> > _("version"):<package version>
> > 
> >   etc, unless this utility is simply not supposed to be used by humans.
> I feel temtped to say that this falls in the same category as 
> headers like `Subject' or `To' in emails.

  That's why I mentioned the case of this utility not being for human
consumption; English tags would be fine than. If this is the case,
than there's no issue to be discussed.

  In good internationalized email clients, however, the user never sees "To",
"Subject", etc. He sees the native-language equivalent of those strings, and
the real To and Subject headers are a back-end issue.

  If there's something like queryformat, you could than use:

$ lsb_package info foobar --queryformat "%{name}, %{version}"
foobar, 1.5

  like you already do in rpm. There's no problem with these backend tags
being called by their English names. If queryformat is too messy, you
could have "lsb_package dumpinfo package" or something like that to get
the "raw" tag names displayed for ease of parse.

  But even if you don't like all that, how would multilangual summary and
description tags contents, as Erik reminded us, be dealt with? These tags would
be on the "right side" of email headers.

- gwm

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