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LSB-FHS test suite V2.1-1

The first snapshot release of the LSB-FHS test suite updated for the
FHS 2.1 specification is now available for download from:


I attach the release notes and also a set of issues
that we have identified with the specification (from testing
all the various distros )that we would like to see resolved
before we declare this release done.

If you encounter a problem in the suite, please send in a bug
report to lsb-spec@linuxbase.org following the format below , using the
assertion identifier in the test suite output:

	To: lsb-spec@linuxbase.org
	Subject: BUG in LSB-FHS-TS_SPEC

@ section ,  assertion_reference #


Explain why here.
Be sure to add sufficient explanation for someone not
familiar with the problem to be able to make a decision.

Be specific, that is give precise editorial instructions for change.

For example

@ /var/foo,  X.13-1

/var/foo/dp may not exist if the dp extension is not
supported. The spec says clearly that the dp extension
is optional, but the test is unconditional.

Make this a conditional test, replace the existing text with

"If the implementation provides the dp extension then
        the /foo/dp directory exists and is searchable"

and fix the test

Acknowledgements are due to :
Chris Yeoh
Nick Petreley
Dale Scheetz
George Kraft
plus many others involved in this release update.

best regards

Andrew Josey
The Open Group
Email: a.josey@opengroup.org
                             LSB-FHS Release 2.1-1
                                 Release Notes

This document provides Release notes for the Verification suite for the
Filesystem Hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base.

1. Release Overview

LSB-FHS 2.1-1  is the first  release of this test suite for the FHS2.1
specification.  LSB-FHS is built using the VSXgen 
(the generic VSX test framework), and contains tests for the 
Filesystem Hierarchy aspects of the Linux
Standard Base.

This test suite has not yet been formally approved by the Linux Standard
Base team and no claims should be made of LSB conformance to this version
of the test suite.  The test assertions being tested are in the file

1.1  Changes since the last release

The following changes have been made since the last

	The major change for this release has been to align
	with the FHS2.1 specification .  See the CHANGES file for details.

2. Release Contents

The release consists of the following files.

LSB-FHS-2.1-1.tar.gz      The source code to the suite in gzip'd tar format
lsb-fhs-gde.ps            The Users Guide in postscript
lsb-fhs-gde.pdf           The Users Guide in PDF format
relnote.txt               These release notes

3. TET

LSB-FHS runs under TET3 (The Test Environment Toolkit test framework).
A suitable version of TET3 is bundled with the release.  The latest
release can also be obtained at:


TET3 must be configured  to build  as  the Lite version .  Do not use
the Distributed version.  For more information on TET , see
http://tetworks.opengroup.org .

4. Documentation

Two files are included with the release to ease installation and
test setup: INSTALL.SETUP and INSTALL.FHS.  Please follow the instructions
within these to install, configure and execute the tests.

For more in depth information consult the User's Guide which provides
comprehensive information on the installation, configuration and use
of LSB-FHS. 

5. Support

Support related questions and problem reports should be directed to by
email to ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org.

6. Size

The size of LSB-FHS when the  suite is built is approximately 10MB.  The
size of the compressed distribution is roughly 1 MB. When running the
complete test suite, journal files will be produced that are typically
less than 1MB in length, so its recommended that at least 20MB of disk
space be allowed for a test campaign.

7. Time

The test suite takes approximately 30 minutes to run depending on the
speed of the platform under test

Licensing information.

See the Licence file included in the distribution for licensing
information.  At the moment this is the Artistic License.  The Open
Group intends to change the license to that recommended by the Linux
Standard Base team.

FHS2.1 Issues List (Draft 1)
Thu Apr 20 10:14:39 BST 2000

This file contains a list of possible issues with the FHS2.1 specification
based on assessing test results.
For each a specification reference and the associated test assertion
are quoted together with some commentary.

We will need to assess where the problems lie, in the specification
or in the test suite.

Reference 3.4-3(A)
If the implementation provides a C-shell
     The implementation provides the file /etc/csh.login

Is this a mandatory requirement that all FHS compliant systems
provide a default /etc/csh.login

Reference 3.4-4(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/disktab

We  understand that disktab is a BSD filesystem/partition related file.
Is this meant to be /etc/fstab? or something else ?

Reference 3.4-10(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/confissue

Should this really be /etc/issue?

Reference 3.4-15(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/mtools

Should this be mtools.conf ?

Reference 3.4-21(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/ttytype

This appears to be Linux specific, at best it ought to be
in the Linux annex, or perhaps removed.


These may only be present if you have configured
your machine accordingly, the FHS mandates them . Is this
correct or should these be made optional.

Note: If you look at the scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ many of
them look for the existence of a file before attempting to
startup a service; therefore, creating empty configuration
files may cause problems.

Reference 3.4-22(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/exports

Reference 3.4-23(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/ftpusers

Reference 3.4-24(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/gateways

Reference 3.4-29(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/hosts.equiv

Reference 3.4-30(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/hosts.lpd

Reference 3.4-32(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/networks


The following may fail on architectures other than x86, and hence it
could be argued that the FHS2.1 specification is x86 specific:

Reference 3.1-29 (A)
The implementation provides an exec-able version of the setserial
utility in the /bin directory.

Note this also appears Linux specific and ought to be in the Linux
annex, some system might not support it.

Reference 3.4-12(A)
The implementation provides the file /etc/lilo.conf

This is only true for x86, on sparc its silo.conf, on
alphas milo.conf , so this really needs to be architecture specific.

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