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Re: Package System specification

> The big problem with relying on a converter is that vendors can't easily
> script their installation.  Example:
> I obtained a copy of Metrowerks CodeWarrior.  The parts of CW come as RPM
> files.  There is an installation script that runs RPM to install the packages.
> This failed because I didn't have RPM.  I had to manually convert the packages
> and install them by hand.

That's Metrowerks' fault, not RPM's.  We at RH used to sell software that we 
supported on any distribution (Motif and CDE).  We packaged it all in RPM 
format, then wrote install scripts that could use RPM if you had it, or 
install rpm2cpio and use that if you didn't.  Wasn't that hard, and worked 
fairly well.  The "fairly well" part would only get better with LSB compliance.


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