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Re: Package System specification

> and the actual files that get written to the system.  How are all of those
> things going to work unless we all make the same exact system?  Same package
> names, same file locations, same versions of every program?  At that point,
> the only difference between one distribution and the next will be what packages
> out of LSB we include.

Why dont you go and read the bnack archive. We discussed all this months ago.
We have the file locations mostly agreed and scripts for doing installs
where they are not easily resolvable. We have agreements on where binaries
go and roughly which binaries must be present. We have provisional agreement
that the shell will be posix compliant (eg bash2)

So its shell scripts referencing mandated file paths and mandated tools for
installing things like init scripts

That is portable, or as close as we'll ever get

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