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Re: Package System specification

David Cantrell wrote:
> So is the LSB going to have an entry for Alien now?  :)
> The big problem with relying on a converter is that vendors can't easily
> script their installation.  Example:
> I obtained a copy of Metrowerks CodeWarrior.  The parts of CW come as RPM
> files.  There is an installation script that runs RPM to install the packages.
> This failed because I didn't have RPM.  I had to manually convert the packages
> and install them by hand.
> BTW, this was to test CW on Slackware.  Not because I was going to use it for
> development.  :)

More likely have an entry for rpm specifying some subset of the CLI,
like we have for sendmail.  The LSB "sendmail" doesn't have to be
sendmail -- it can be qmail, smail, zmail or whathaveyou.


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