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Re: should not specify default group for users

jmknoble@pobox.com (Jim Knoble)  wrote on 22.03.00 in <20000322203907.F17471@ntrnet.net>:

> As far as ISVs go, the default group to which a given new user belongs
> has no bearing on most apps.  If a particular app must know about such
> things, it cannot be LSB-compliant, since it has to know about
> distribution-specific details.

The one thing I can see is apps such as Apache suexec.c. The one question  
is therefore, should we

(1) define a range of uid values that is "a normal user"
(2) define a method to detect that range (say, read
    /etc/default-user-range or some similar thing)
(3) define some other method of recognizing "a normal user" (say,
    /etc/shells, or some check on home directory paths)
(4) not define a way to check for "normal users"

always keeping in mind strange local policies.

MfG Kai

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