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Re: Questions about spec

* Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> wrote:
> I owe the LSB folks a draft proposal for sub groups. The idea being
> that we could take an open API and the folks who are involved in it
> and create an IETF style way for them to standardise it. So the KDE
> team would standardise KDE subject to overall review, the GNOME team
> do Gnome, Python folks Python and other interested parties can do
> other libraries.
> The proposals for structural tweaking in the LSB also kind of upstaged
> the plan and if anything lay a good framework for it.
> In short:
> 	o)	We want the people who know the item to do the work
> 	o)	We want the people who care about it to do the work
> That is best done by putting power back into those communities subject
> to overall sanity guidelines.

Couldn't you repeat that in an article for slashdot or an editorial for
freshmeat? You're perfectly right, but I don't know if the community is
reading this.

What if they were a newsletter from LSB, circulating at low traffic only
drafts and such around? LSB is much to quiet. Such things are huge time
consumers anyway, this effort needs more people to share. And there is a
lot of knowledge out there.

And there are a lot of projects that could gain from seeing themselves
as a reference implementation for a standard that they have to design in
parallel. At least we would get better documentation. ;-)


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