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Re: Playing with the spec

* Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> wrote:
> > environment for SGML/DocBook-processing tools on Unix or at least
> > Linux). There is also a first implementation of it, based on Mark
> > Galassi's scripts. This implementation will also support plug-in
> > backends for converting DocBook via other ways beside DSSSL. If you are
> > interested in discussing this standard, please subscribe to the mailing
> > list.
> I hope the cygnus guys and O'Reilly are in on this. It sounds a good goal.
> Most of this is outside of Linux. Most of it is outside of Unix. Docbook is
> part of the big picture of computing from Windows to Palmpilot.

We're concentrating on the unix side of this thing. It may be better to
paint a part of this picture than to look too long at it, trying to
understand it.

O'Reilly has shown up with a DocBook to text converter, so someone seems
to have told them about it.


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