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Re: Cooperation between EL/IX and LSB

> In the Linux Standard Base (LSB) we have often wished there were a bit
> more coordination between EL/IX and the LSB
> (http://www.linuxbase.org/) since after all the EL/IX level 4 API is
> probably pretty much synonymous with the LSB API (the efforts are not
> quite the same, for one thing the LSB also is working on an ABI,
> anyway, the point is there is overlap not that we're identical).

Seems like a good idea. We would be happy to work with the LSB to ensure
compatibility between EL/IX and the LSB spec. As an initial step we will
examine the possibility of formalizing the LSB as the definition of EL/IX
level 4.

> * If EL/IX would be interested in adding a link from the EL/IX web
>   site to linuxbase.org, that would be great.

No problem.

> * Linuxbase.org is currently a distributed (that is, support from many
>   vendors) effort that maintains our specification via CVS - see
>   http://www.linuxbase.org/devel.html
>   We would like to ask whether EL/IX would be interested in
>   maintaining the EL/IX specification in the same way.  In particular,
>   the LSB spec is maintained in a combination of
>   MySQL/DocBook/makefiles which, although somewhat complicated, makes
>   it easy to add additional columns for "included in EL/IX level 1"?
>   "included in EL/IX level 2"?  And so on.  It already has columns for
>   Single Unix Spec, POSIX, &c.

Ok, we will take a look and see how this might work. The EL/IX std has more
complexity with regard to options, but should be able to find ways of
handling this.

Cheers, Paul.

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