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Cooperation between EL/IX and LSB

In the Linux Standard Base (LSB) we have often wished there were a bit
more coordination between EL/IX and the LSB
(http://www.linuxbase.org/) since after all the EL/IX level 4 API is
probably pretty much synonymous with the LSB API (the efforts are not
quite the same, for one thing the LSB also is working on an ABI,
anyway, the point is there is overlap not that we're identical).

Here's what I have done so far:

* Added link from http://www.linuxbase.org/links.html to EL/IX.

Here's what we can do:

* If EL/IX would be interested in adding a link from the EL/IX web
  site to linuxbase.org, that would be great.

* Linuxbase.org is currently a distributed (that is, support from many
  vendors) effort that maintains our specification via CVS - see

  We would like to ask whether EL/IX would be interested in
  maintaining the EL/IX specification in the same way.  In particular,
  the LSB spec is maintained in a combination of
  MySQL/DocBook/makefiles which, although somewhat complicated, makes
  it easy to add additional columns for "included in EL/IX level 1"?
  "included in EL/IX level 2"?  And so on.  It already has columns for
  Single Unix Spec, POSIX, &c.

  You should be able to check out the files read-only from CVS if you
  want to play with this - if maintaining the specs together seems
  like a good plan we should be able to arrange for EL/IX people to
  have write access as well.

* Any other ideas?  Let us know.  I've CC'd this message between the
  mailing lists of the two projects.

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