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Re: Thread deficiencies

> details.  The question still remains, though ---- what do we specify?

I think Al was right. It is outside the scope of this list. I think we have two options

1.	Clone works like this [warning Linux specific]
	What is posix.4

2.	Clone works like this [warning Linux specific]
	POSIX.4 works like this 
		The following do not work
			signal quirks
			exec quirks
			setuid quirks

	Relying on the non function of a standard property of POSIX.4 is expressely
	forbidden by this specification. Future changes to the Linux pthreads library
	to bring them further in line with the specification are explicitly defined
	as compliant to the LSB definition.

> process that was spawned by another thread to work correctly.   This is
> really ugly, and ISV's might not like to hear it --- but it's the sad
> unfortunate truth.

No software is perfect. If they know the limits they get to make the decisions they


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