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Re: /usr/share/man

From: Rob Lembree <lembree@sgi.com>

> Julie wrote:
> > I thought the "local commands manpages" convention was
> > /usr/local/man anyway?
> Ya, that's a good argument, but I wouldn't expect to see a 
> 'mount' manpage there though.

=You=, personally, might not, but the manpage formatting
glarp generally understands /usr/man or /usr/share/man as
having "common" manpages and /usr/local/man as having
the local stuff.  I've yet to see a system which had all three
of those as separate directories with all three needing to
be scanned.

This isn't to say someone hasn't made such a system, only
that I've not seen one (which means that Glarpnix will be
coming out next week with precisely that arrangement ...)

-- Julie.

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